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Hot rolled bulb flats for shipbuilding

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Hot rolled bulb flats for shipbuilding

Product properties

Bulb flat is a kind of middle-sized steel which is applied in ship building and bridge building. Among them, the marine bulb flat is an auxiliary middle-sized material used in ship building. In recent years, with the rapid development of the ship building industry, there has been a great demand on marine bulb flats. For large ships and regular ships, marine bulb flats were generally chosen for the main hull in the design. Bulb flats using the same sickness and material with the panels connected to them are adopted as the aggregate (also called physique or keel).

Process features

● Welding meets the requirements of marine PSPC welding process
● The ballast tank which aims to improve the ship's navigation performance can reduce the pollution to the marine ecosystem and the corrosion effect to the tank.
● Straightness meets the process requirements of 1.5 ‰, and mechanical performance only needs to meet the requirement of corresponding steel grade.

Technical parameter

Product Name Standard Model
Hot rolled bulb flats
GB/T 9945-2012
HP80×5 ~ HP430×20
The old international bulb flat parameters
GB/T 9945-2001
80×5 ~ 270×14

Qualification certificate

Hot rolled bulb flats for shipbuilding certified by product certification including: CCS,DNV、LR、RINA,etc. [View more related certificates]

Market application area