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Polygonal ingots

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Polygonal ingots

Product properties

Certified by nine classification societies - Longteng Static Ingot Series
Static ingot for forging is one of the most important forging materials, which is suitable for felloe parts with wear resistance and high load, important parts working under high speed and high load work, and senior tempering structural parts.
The annual output capacity of steel ingot products is 300,000 tons, with certification of nine classification societies from China, the United States, Britain, Germany, etc. It is the most advantageous forging material base in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area. Two 50 ton EBT electric furnaces, three 50 ton LF refining furnaces, double position 50 ton VD vacuum degassed furnace, two steel ingot casting production lines, four sets of 80 ton load annealing furnaces, and the most advanced molten iron hot charging process in China;
Widely used in nuclear power, wind power, shipbuilding, marine engineering equipment, oil fittings, diesel engine fittings, high pressure vessel, power plant boilers, hydrogenation reactor forgings, and other special forged steel ingot.

Process features

● The molten iron hot charging process ensures the effective control of product purity and harmful elements to improve its comprehensive performance and enables the company to become the designated raw material supplies for GE Energy and Siemens.
● Usage: directly processed into various shafts, disc-shaped forgings, rings, special-shaped forgings and so on.

Technical parameter

Product Name Execution standards Specification
Polygonal ingots
30” ,35”, 6T-9T…..

Qualification certificate

Polygonal ingots certified by product certification including: CCS, ABS、DNV、GL、LR、BV、RINA、NK and KR, it is the most advantageous forging material base in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area[View more related certificates]

Market application area