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Steel bars for pre-stressed concrete

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Steel bars for pre-stressed concrete

Product properties

Steel bars for prestressed concrete developed by Nippon Koshuha Steel Group in 1960s are of high technical content. It is of high strength and toughness, low relaxation, strong grip of concrete, good weldability and upset forging, material-saving, etc. It also has been widely applied in high strength centrifugal pipe piles for prestressed concrete, poles, elevated bridge piers, and other prestressed components both at home and abroad, with a very broad market in the world, especially in Southeast Asia.
PC steel bars are a kind of low carbon alloy steel for heat treatment and high strength prestressed concrete, which is used in making port concrete pipe piles, high-rise building foundation concrete pipe piles, pier concrete pipe piles, etc. During production, prestressed concrete pipe piles (PHC) are produced in line with the building foundation basis through fixed cutting of the coiling steel bars, material cutting, heading, cage-making, feeding, tensioning, steam curing, etc.

Process features

● Automatic temperature control processing, rust-proof, and SVG resonance elimination, etc
● On-line automatic straightening derusting, cold drawn nick, online heating using high frequency induction heating furnace (secondary quench heating and one tempering heating), heat treatment cooling water temperature automatic control, water-crossing heat treatment, online antirust processing, and SVG resonance elimination + reactive power compensation of finished products, etc.

Technical parameter

Product Name Execution standards Specification
Steel bars for pre-stressed concrete
GB/T5223.3 Steel Bars for prestressed Concrete, KSD3505 (South Korean certification standards), JIS G3137 (Japanese standards), MS1138 (Malaysian certification standards)

Qualification certificate

Steel bars for pre-stressed concrete certified by product certification including: Famous Brand Product of Jiangsu Province,Famous Brand Product of Suzhou ,Steel Bars Prestressed Concrete Certificate of High & New Tech Product etc[View more related certificates]

Market application area