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Long Teng Grinding Media (Zambia) Co., Ltd are officially put into operation

By:admin Published:2018/11/14 14:40:30

The establishment of ME Long Teng Grinding Media (Zambia), is initiated in response to “the Belt and Road initiative” of China, in accordance with friendly relationship between Zambia and China, and on the purpose of being of service to First Quantum Kalumbila Minerals Limited and local market of Africa.

The establishment could not be possible without the attention and support of council of Kalumbila, government of Zambia, embassy of Chile, embassy of China and First Quantum Kalumbila Minerals Limited

ME Long Teng Grinding Media (Zambia) Co., Ltd is located in the Solwezi Kalumbila industrial park in northwestern province of Zambia, with a total investment of USD 60 millionUSD 40 million for phase I), covering an area of 50,000 m2. And a long-term cooperation agreement with the world’s fourth largest copper mine First Quantum was signed to ensure the success.

Thanks to 18 months of hard work of Me Long Teng management team and the construction team, the first oversea joint venture factory of ME and Long Teng is established in Zambia in October 2018,

The high-end production lines of ME Long Teng Grinding Media (Zambia) Co., Ltd, which are officially put into operation now, demonstrate a significant milestone in history of Long Teng and path of the deepening cooperation between Long Teng and ME.

 Once put into production, the factory is designed to output of 200,000mt of grinding material, expected to generate sales of USD 132 million, and contribute tax of USD 10 million to local government annually. It also commits to provide 260 (150 for phase I) jobs, and become the greatest local manufacturing facility to be of service to Africa grinding material supply.

On 7th of November, the Zambian minister of commerce, trade and industry, Mr. Christopher Yaluma and his colleagues came to our factory and had a company tour through our construction field, production facilities and corporate exhibition hall, accompanied by chairman, general manager, Mr. Ji Binyuan, and vice general manager, Mr. Xu Sheng.

During the course of visitMr. Minister gave high praise to the development and corporate culture of Long Teng and was impressed by the development of ME LongTeng Zambia. He also mentioned, as a creative initiative being accomplished, Long Teng Zambia shall take advantage of local territory to create common value and forge a community of shared interest, which will eventually lead a path of sustainable development.

Mr. Minister promised to be more supportive hereafter to Long Teng project in Zambia. ’The win-win situation will definitely be expanded’, he added.