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Strengthen Lean Production to Seek Benefit From Management

By:admin Published:2017/6/6 16:14:19

The lean production management promotion meeting was held on May 28, 2017. In the whole process of the report, Chairman Ji analyzed the economic operation of the company from January to April centered on six factors such as people, machines, materials, methods, links and information and showed the stereo images of all branch performances based on the interrelated data among output, production value and sales. The vivid and convincing presentation made everyone feel passionate and encouraged.

 Under the lead of Chairman Ji, Longteng has broken through every barrier and stood the ahead position of the market with the help of industrial policies and under everybody's great efforts this year, which creates a new situation for another grand prospect of Longteng.

Situation is gratifying but forcing. In such a good situation, Chairman Ji warned everyone to be more clear-minded, to go forward resorting to situations, and to firmly seize the development opportunity to build the century-old foundation for Longteng. He used a simple reason to analyze that lean production management that it is the precondition to stand firm on the market with powerful economic competitiveness. The importance and urgency of the lean production management has been rooted in the heart of each conventioner because of Chairman Ji's infectious words. "If you want to use the lean management to really solve problems, you should put in time and energy to highlight and solve the problems and realize values in terms of quality and cost for branches and departments internally, while taking innovation and research and development as a way to create values for customers externally." It makes everybody excited and proud of the prospect of the company, therefore, everybody in Longteng should study the report of Chairman Ji carefully and deeply understand the spirit in it. We should step into the procession of lean production management with great energy and contribute to its promotion as Longteng people.

Jiao Shujun, responsible person for the lean management, made some deployment at the meeting: He points out that the lean management is the only way to raise the management level, improve the product brand and enhance comprehensive competitiveness. He emphasizes that the enterprise should take projects as a breakthrough point to solve quality and cost problems in the process of production and start a group of QC projects suitable for the enterprises. Besides, quality objections shall be handled in a more properly way through the platform and solving every quality problem shall be taken as the finishing point to reinforce the lean management.