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Superb Skills and Reasonable Suggestions Make Benefits

By:admin Published:2016/12/16 21:17:44

The Second PC Plant's Report in August, 2016: Electric single-beam cranes (more than 20 sets in total) in the alignment field have several pits generated in the bearing beam operation of single-beam travelling crabs, which may result in the falling accident of the weight and electric hoist. From November, 2015, the plant had dealt with the problem for several times, but no improvement had been made and the situation became even worse, which has a bad influence on the safety of lifting operation. The plant proposed to replace all single-beam cranes with double ones, which may cost 3 million yuan and would affect the production.

After receiving the report, the Safety and Environment Protection Department contacted Tang Jiayong (Crane expert employed by the company), Crane Workshop Director of the Converter Steel Works, without delay to come to the site for diagnosis. Tang took the trouble to conduct on-site investigation and analysis for several times and finally found out the cause of pits. He immediately made a remediation program which is to repair on the basis of existing equipment with simple material and common accessories, nearly without any influence on production. It costs only 10% of that incurred by whole crane replacement. Due to Tang Jiayong's reasonable suggestions, the problem didn't have any impact on the production, and even saved huge costs for the company by eliminating potential safety hazards.

Tang has made outstanding performance for safety production and cost reduction. He is worth learning by all the staff. Tang was awarded 10,000 yuan approved by the chairman. This is to honor his great contribution.