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Industrial bearings

Industry profile

Since China's reform and opening up, the bearing industry has maintained steady development and has formed a complete independent industrial system. It will develop at a medium speed instead of high speed and with a focus on quality and efficiency instead of scale and speed. The output and added value rates and added value per capita of unit assets, investment in research and development, and grant of invention patents have significantly increased. Going with the inevitable trend of globalization, the bearing industry in China has to push forward the globalization of itself and strive to fit in the international industrial chain of bearing.

Products application

Products are widely used in metallurgical mining machines, machinery bearings, machinery slewing bearings, motor bearings, wind power equipment yaw and pitch bearings, auto parts and other fields.The spherical error is small, with high dimensional accuracy, consist and uniform internal organization, and high contact fatigue life.


  • ● GB/T18254 high carbon chromium bearing steel.
  • ● JB/T1255 rolling bearing parts heat treatment technical conditions for high carbon chromium bearing steel.
  • ● Q/320581DXB004 hot rolled and hot forged high carbon chromium bearing steel ball billet.
  • ● Stricter control indicators than national standards.
  • ● The R&D of large wheel bearing steel ball blank for machinery.
  • ● The R&D of 1.5~6 MW yaw and pitch bearing steel ball blanks for wind turbines, etc.
  • ● The R&D of large roller hot forming technology to replace the turning roller.
  • ● Research on near net shaping technology and the allowance of compression roller blanks to improve the yield.


Bearing steel ball blanket by ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, ISO 14001:2004environmental management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification.Standard drafting organization of the bearing steel ball billet industry[View more certificates]


  • ● Main customers include well-known large machinery manufacturers domestically and large wind power companies home and abroad, most of which are top 500 enterprises in China or in the world.
  • ● Now our domestic customers include Xugong group, Sany Heavy Industry, Tianma Group, etc., and we also have orders from such internationally famous wind power companies as THYSSENKRUPP, GE, and Vestas.and uniformity of its internal organization and the service life of steel balls are industry-leading.

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