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Shipbuilding application

Industry profile

Since we entered the new century, the world economy has grown steadily, the shipping industry has developed sustainably, and the world shipbuilding market has shown a flourish momentum. There is a sound industrial and scientific research system, a solid foundation of industrial development, and a long coastline that is appropriate for shipbuilding in China, thus the development of shipping industry has strong comparative advantages. During the 12th Five-year Plan, our nation has placed the shipbuilding industry as the pillar industry of national economy. After development of several decades, our share in the world shipbuilding market has obviously increased, which makes China, along with South Korea and Japan, the three biggest shipbuilding countries in the world.

Products application

Shipbuilding section steel is widely used in the building of bulk carriers, container ships, VLCC, cruise ships, warships and offshore platforms, and is an indispensable iron and steel product for shipbuilding and oceaneering. Widely used in the hull structure, it is a "stiffener" welded on the boat deck, playing the role of improvingintensity. In recent years, the trend of larger-sized vessels is increasingly obvious, and there is also a trend of larger demand for shipbuilding section steel.
Steel ingots are applied to ship rudder, intermediate shaft, large hook, pintle and other kinds of forge pieces.It has obtained certificates from classification societies of nine countries.
They are also applied to forge pieces like piston head, piston rod, and cylinder head of marine diesel engine of medium and low speeds, and is now the biggest raw material supplier in this field nationwide.


  • ● Multichannel abnormal high pressure water is adopted for descaling, and our products become the first in China which have reached PSPC technical specification of the international shipbuilding industry
  • ● As the first one in China to adopt TMCP rolling technology, we control the finishing temperature below austenitic recrystallization temperature to optimize the toughness of the finished product
  • ● We are the first to adopt double straightening + strengthened straightening to ensure that the straightness of each marine steel is less than 1‰, reaching the international advanced level
  • ● We are the first domestic enterprise to obtain approval of top ten global classification societies in terms of marine forging steel ingot, billet and hot rolled marine steel
  • ● NJB400 bulb flats developed fill the domestic blank and end the history of relying on imports only.
  • ● Marine steel intelligent detection system is developed independently to realize whole process monitoring management of steel quality and manufacturing technique


Our company's the shipbuilding steel has been rated as “High & New Tech Product in Jiangsu Province”, “Famous Brand Product of Jiangsu Province ”,etc ,and certified by ten classification societies including: CCS, ABS、DNV、GL、LR、BV、RINA、NK、KR and.RS.[View more certificates]


  • ● Cooperative project has been conducted with the Materials Science and Engineering College of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and the East China Branch of the General Iron and Steel Research Institute to make technological breakthrough.
  • ● We have been cooperating with Daewoo of South Korea, Sany Heavy Industry, and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation to research on and develop steel for deep sea oil wells and platforms.
  • ● NJB400 bulb flats developed with Zhoushan COSCO fill the domestic blank and end the history of relying on imports only.

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