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Clean Steel • Organic Growth


Elite Team

Longteng special steel pay attention to personnel training, pay attention to team building and built a high quality, high level, high skills of the elite team, for enterprise's development into the nucleus.

Longteng - Where Dreams Set Sail

"Steel is cast in fire and quenching. Only in this way can it become hard and afraid of nothing..."

"How is the steel tempered?" It is cast by our hands, our sweats, and our strong will.

While casting the steel, we are cultivating ourselves at the same time, which makes us stronger and indestructible. It is with the stiffness of the steel and fortitude like the iron that we, Longtengers, make difference again and again;

It is by virtue of the obsession with the iron and steel industry and a vision of a better future that we, Longtengers,strive in the forefront of iron and steel production;

We, Longtengers, are definitely the "steel" that is hard and afraid of nothing.

While, Longteng is the place where we train, grow and shine.

Because we have a dream, Longteng is where dreams set sail;

Because we love the iron and steel industry, Longteng is where we devote our life;

Because we are the hard "steel", Longteng is where we temper ourselves.