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Clean Steel • Organic Growth


The Chairman's Address

During the twenty years, we have taken “To be the leading enterprise in China, the first class enterprise in the world” as the goal, continuous innovation and advance with the times, and have written the glorious history of green high-quality steel enterprise with our good operating performance.

CEO Mr JiBingYuan .

Longteng Special Steel has a history of 23 years, during which we focused on the development of iron and steel industry, persevered in striving, and received care and support from all sectors of society.

Gratitude is the inexhaustible power of Longtengers to strive for development.

On the way of "rule of law and good faith" since 23 years ago, from differentiation development ideas sought from crack economy to professional development orientation of marine steel supermarket concept, the successful application of market-based action concept led by the three major products subdivided industry, and integrated development of R&D, manufacturing, and service, Longtengers put into every step our faith and perseverance for the iron and steel industry. Based on customer requirements and service awareness to create more values for the customers, we are interpreting the ultimate goal of Longteng to win the right of speech in the market.

"Green Special Steel and Ecological Longteng" is the goal of Longtengers. While realizing their own value, they are explaining the meaning of resource saving and environment friendliness in a unique angle, to gather all the Longtengers' strong will, innovation and creativity, and let Longteng, a small carrier, brave wind and waves in the tide of iron and steel industry!